Science has not developed

I don’t know it is true or not ,but it happens.i am only doubting that because i have not felt it.
and its possible,one of book of Dr,Brain i read yesterday was MANY MASTERS,MANY LIVES…i was shocked.
Does it really happens?Our science has crossed limits, we have conquered space but we are unable to conquer mind..sub conscious ..the inner stage ..the deep level of mind….
How to know about past lives and future??We have not reach any levels of mind till now ..what is power of mind
and what is soul? How soul changes form,What is human life cycle?,…still these things are not known..and far apart from science so..Science is still developing and when science is able to sort out these things,we normal human can obtain the isolated knowledge of human soul ..reincarnation …and sub conscious part of mind which has not came into light.