Proved me wrong and proved right to myself.

It was a morning time .As I was travelling with Miley(my scooter) i noticed something strange. It was just a weather nothing special.But again i was not satisfied with myself,looking at the scenery. I want to explain it more like lets say i want to capture it at that right moment. I already mentioned if you take it in simple since you could not expect anything much,it is just meant to be the readers(the one who enjoy a special kind of weather).Some like gloomy day,some might like sunny and it differs according to people.But,this weather is something special.The sky had just emptied itself,there were white clouds hovering and those clouds were nearby to the hills not much higher.

Yes,I am taking about Nepal and especially Kathmandu where I observed it.”Here you can’t predict how the weather is turning out to be”,one of my foreign buddy told me this line.

Sky was universal blue and there was a sunshine.It was not a normal sunshine,sun was trying to save its heat so that I don’t get burned.And it shaped me a path where i can visualize everything.Why it turns out that way,it was meant for me or everyone else?This question has been striking in my mind since that day.So,i decided to write it down.

As you can easily figured out what I wrote is very simple thing but with different visuals and perception and someone even can portray me  as an unusual personality.But,there is not much i can say about it. I saw the moment and had well captured it in my mind.

The magic that happened that day is purely a miracle that is shown to me by nature.

Everything was in right order just my senses proved me wrong and proved right to myself.