The Art of Speaking

Have you ever been serious,in the sense that each word has a meaning,each sentences clarify something.Do you ever think once before you speak? Do you realize what you speak?

You might be the knowledgeable person or might be a master even though think once before you express.Expression in the form that each word and sentences can exhibit your uniqueness.

Till this time i myself was unaware about the art of speaking.Now, i know how to deliver your message in most reliable way so that other can perceive the information you seems to communicate.

In any sort of relationship,communication is what matters most.Thus i am just putting my ideas which you might be aware of or might not.

First ,the one whom your are communication with is the meaningful person or not,differentiate this firstly.Often,we hear that Listening is powerful than taking so this is a truth.You should be always a good listener,a good listener always gets the new knowledge.Build up the habit of listening.

Second steps will be how you synthesize the information,always try to synthesize your information in positive way.That brings up positivity in your communication and yourself too.A negative person would always thinks negative response towards the information received.

Thirdly,try to bring politeness,being civilized doesn’t cost you anything but builds your personality and information.Try to give truth response even it can change mentality of the person you are communicating with.After all,truth can never be compromised.

I hope this would help the person who had trouble  communicating with other.