Fire and its spiritual importance

Fire in English and Agni in Sanskrit.

Yesterday,I attended a philosophical seminar in which these things are discussed.Its not just a word.It resides on you,It resides on core of earth.As we have volcanic eruption,time to time on the earth surface so we can come to the conclusion that even the earth has fire inside it.The core of the earth contains a massive amount of heat and as well as burning

Each and every living beings composed of fire,the forms of fire might be different.

Taking about the human body we have fire inside our duodenum in the chemical form(HCL) which burns our food to generate energy.

Alcohol itself is form of fire.When we drink it,we can feel the heating sensation on our food pipe.

So,what if the human body dies?Does it even contains a fire?

No,it doesn’t not.If you have experienced it or not but a dead body is always cold because the fire that is keeping his alive is extinguished.

The important thing to be considered about fire is it feeds all the time,the fire in whichever form needs to be feed.for example,even the fire inside the core of the earth needs iron,hydrogen,or many other elements to burn.Same like that human body also needs food to keep the fire burning.

It may sound superstitious thinking but believe me from the dimension  I am writing these things has its own base.Thus,to understand these things you have to go through SANSKRIT..