Labels of society and sucess

How you are labelled by a society?
You have to perform in the same way which society wants; you seems to me as a trained actor for the society.You are prepared for the society; you are polished and socialized for the society.And it’s necessary as per the demand of the time.
How are you supposed to function in this cruel society ; where humans are brought in the exchange of money and where everything revolves around the money.Yes, this is the bitter reality of every society. You have to compete with every single individual to achieve a label.

Label is how people will know you in person with certain roles, responsibility and demand in the society where you exist.Choose your label carefully so that it will be easier for you to fulfill yours objective.

Each and every single individual is label in some or many ways and may differ according to time and context as well as it is determined by your skills, experience, seniority and achievement.

Thus, always direct yourself to label you want not what society, family or your  peer group want. After all, self-satisfaction leads you towards better social functioning and into a whole new level of satisfaction which is also major factor to determine your success through achieved label.