Tech and addiction

Did you ever raise the question to yourself that how much you are addicted to technology?
Can you start a day without surfing the internet on your mobile phone?

The diplomacy and cunning of company and manufacturer to its customer to sell their products has led towards addictiveness.We can relate customer as an addict, mobile dealers as a drug dealer and manufacturer as producer of the drug.

The idea is not to generalise that smartphone is of no use, it is of great use only if you can use it wisely.

Many of us are not aware of the application that can be used in day-to-day life.Also, we are unable to use it wisely. For instance: how many of us use the reminder, stopwatch, countdown timer, health apps,etc. We barely open those apps.
Nowadays I can see most of the Nepalese building their clan on a clash of the clan or play piano tiles all the time. A couple of years earlier there was an app called angry bird you might be well aware of that app.

The core idea is that motivate you to use the smartphone in the smart way as many of e-entrepreneur has used. Try to come out of the complex whole of application market and try to minimise the use of unproductive applications which consumes both time and energy.

Stop following the fashion of owning the latest gadget and stop wasting money in unproductive tech-gadgets. Technology can be work in both ways as a boon or as a curse.

How many of us are continuously distracted by mobile phone in the daily basis? Can you concentrate on your work when you use the smartphone or your work can’t resume your work without the use of the smartphone?

An American company has developed a plastic shape smartphone structure to replace the sensation of holding a phone.This means now it is unimaginable to spend a day without unlocking your smartphone.

How do you feel when your smartphone is switched off?
You wanted to charge or you will be looking for a source to charge your phone desperately.

Do any of your friend or family member use phones at the time of dinner, social gathering and interaction? Did you ever raise a question when they use it or did u ever argue regarding the issue of the use of the smartphone by your friend, family in gathering or social talk or in a dinner table?
If you want people to be social without the use of social network or any virtual means or without using the smartphone, then you should probably suggest minimising the use  of smartphone to the one who is unaware about the addiction of smartphone.

Let’s not follow the trend and let’s not wait for another iPhone to launch. Let’s use the smartphone in a smart way and let’s prevent you from following the current trend of using the latest smartphone.