Digitization Nepal

The world is moving towards digitization.With the advancement in technology, innovation and rapidly growing internet service almost everything is possible from any corner of the world.

If we search about content regarding various topics of Nepal in various search engines, we get fewer Nepalese website with the majority of non-Nepalese website in the list.

However, judging by the pattern in which Nepalese are using the internet, we can see that massive use of the internet is being made (mostly in the form of social media) but are they making any inputs of their knowledge base?

Generally,the use of internet among Nepalese youth is just limited towards using the internet for entertainment and social networking.Not saying that it is bad, but it’s high time that we think about how we can give inputs from our side.

Are they using internet for their purpose or internet is using them as a targeted customer?

The major question here is HOW? Ways any Nepali can give their input is by using different free websites and blogs to share their unique knowledge, experience, views, beliefs and perspectives.For a student, they can upload their academic work, research, and their presentations through various sites.

The only motive is to motivate youths to digitize the knowledge each individual possess, so that the future generations can enjoy or anyone who search the internet knowledge base can use it as a reference guide.

In addition to the commercial use of digital world,educational purpose should also be highlighted by the people who are promoting the use of internet.

The major concern here is to digitize your knowledge base you have as well as the experience you could share, critics you could make and also including the academic knowledge you want to share so that people interested can enjoy and make proper use of your contents.


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