Youth For Election( Nepal)

B: What qualities would you look for in your ideal candidate?

S: Accountability

B: Yeah, who would vote a candidate who is not accountable?

S: Influence, prestige of leader might be a factor to look after regarding vote as it can easily manipulate voter’s decision

B:Yeah, these (and more of such factors) are must to be considered. But, how do you really know if a candidate has these qualities or not? Is there a way, a layman (the majority of voters in Nepal) can choose the best candidate out of the pool?

S: I think the real confusion between voters would be who is the best or who will be the best leader whom we should select. There would no such leaders until and unless the leaders are self motivated and honest or else the possibility of creating an unbiased leader will only happen when “us” the accountable, service seekers citizen would direct/take action against the leadership which is irresponsible and unaccountable. eg: Brexit, electing Trump as president . coming back to your question let’s give any of those ‘ hit and trail’ chance to the party and person who truly consists of literate youth with enough educational background and a good experience along with diplomatic skill. lastly, I really want to relate our local election with “Velvet Revolution”.


A facebook chat between Basanata Dai(media person) and Subash (myself) regarding local election in Nepal which is going to happen after 22 years.




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