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Nostalgia on bloodstream

Flowing through deeper consciousness

Times travel, not possible

happy to live in this moment

The sacred fire rises

And those agony replaced with chants



Untamed mysery

Unlimited grief

And the trickling clock
Wiser  thougts

Rusted actions

Iterative phenomena
Seen Distrction

Accepted order

Falling temperature

The Maze

Humans are magical
As they seek belongingness

Encanted by their ego
Love with lust

Sex with andrelien rush

Epic battles between neurons

And all bio chemical reactions
Summon it, its a quality

Prefer it, it an essential

Dive into this pool of ultimate universe
Attached in the soul

Detached by only the masters

The chased and the escaper

Infinity starts with your graceful presence

Lost in the soliloquy of tender heart
obvious but mysterious feeling
vision but in presence of clues
eagerly waiting to behold by you

yes,through this poetic lines
obliquely arranged to express
the ultimate winsomeness of paramour


p dir=”ltr”>abraid with abut of those majesty
asthesia in the wave of those verse
slutry while you contracts your soul
highlights like habanera to me
mabbling like obscure telepathy
adynation you may feel to behold

Youth For Election( Nepal)

B: What qualities would you look for in your ideal candidate?

S: Accountability

B: Yeah, who would vote a candidate who is not accountable?

S: Influence, prestige of leader might be a factor to look after regarding vote as it can easily manipulate voter’s decision

B:Yeah, these (and more of such factors) are must to be considered. But, how do you really know if a candidate has these qualities or not? Is there a way, a layman (the majority of voters in Nepal) can choose the best candidate out of the pool?

S: I think the real confusion between voters would be who is the best or who will be the best leader whom we should select. There would no such leaders until and unless the leaders are self motivated and honest or else the possibility of creating an unbiased leader will only happen when “us” the accountable, service seekers citizen would direct/take action against the leadership which is irresponsible and unaccountable. eg: Brexit, electing Trump as president . coming back to your question let’s give any of those ‘ hit and trail’ chance to the party and person who truly consists of literate youth with enough educational background and a good experience along with diplomatic skill. lastly, I really want to relate our local election with “Velvet Revolution”.


A facebook chat between Basanata Dai(media person) and Subash (myself) regarding local election in Nepal which is going to happen after 22 years.



May be

May be,
the sun was hiding beneath the clouds
the hostility of the sun was not desirable.
may be,
the wind was blowing on her face gently
i know she was sleepy
may be
she was sad, not trying to smile
she wanted to cry, cry her heart out
may be,
I observed the phenomena wrongly
or was i attracted to her
may be,
she was happier with him
or may be i was sensitive one…………



In the dusty bags of memories
You dive your hands in
Curious as a child dipping his hands on a candy jar
Finding delights in your hands
Stretching your lips to the widest
And your memory to the old times
Nostalgia it is
The smell of dust with fragrance of memories
You swim through the nostalgic hallway
To the times you kept in safe
The meaningful blank papers
The ones you don’t even remember why you kept it
The unkept promises
The broken hearts and it’s pieces
An unrequited love
A letter kept hidden
A second chance not taken
It all comes back
Hits you hard
Let the tears flow
Mixed in the pool of nostalgia
A drawer full of memories
Of you and your friends
How lame you were all back then
The letters that you remember made you laugh
Slowly paints a line down your face
All the things you thought you’d lost
At least from your memories
Ressurect themselves in front of you
Say hi
And you sit there
Frozen as a mannequin
While your mind time travels
To the times when it was acceptable being lame
When it wasn’t even lame
To the love that seemed important
Something pure
Venturing the Dreamland of your past
The person you were
Innocent yet sinful
You flash forward to today
Crossing all the speed limit
Like a free fall
Watching you gain
Watching you laugh
Watching you love
Watching you cry
Watching you lose
Watching you grow
Nostalgia hits you hard
You still are frozen
The paint starts to drop off your face
You come back to dusty reality
Look at the ink filled papers
Smile filled photographs
Love filled strings
That still has string attached in your heart
A note that says bravo
A card that says happy birthday
A best of luck that seems the most relevant today
Lets the tears flow down from the eyes that never grew old
And never will.

Nishma Gautam

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Her Sacrifice

She stands unmoved
unmoved by her love
love to her fawns
that’s What mother looks like
like always being ready to sacrifice
Sacrifice for her children and it’s pure
Pure by heart reaching to every man’s soul16708702_370811159971815_5918639177648160936_n

This photo won the award for best photo and led the photographer into depression.

The Cheetahs chased a mother deer and her 2 fawns (baby deers), the mother could’ve easily outrun Cheetahs but instead she offered herself to Cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety.
In the picture she is seen looking at her babies running safely as she is about to get torn into pieces…

I don’t know whether this picture is real or fake but my feelings after looking at this picture is real..