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There was a boy named Subu who was different from rest of the people in his village near Chitwan. Subu’s father was a cowherd and he had lost his mother after his birth .So people had believed that he was a sinner taking his own mother’s life thus he had very less company in his village.He used to be with his father almost all the time and spending his time looking at cow¬†herd. After,he was grown up,he had to take care of his father and herd himself.

One day,he was walking in the deep forest with his herd because there was not much food left on the edges of jungle.One of the cow from his herd was left out.He started to search and after hours of search,he failed and it was almost dawn. Subu ,who was almost in the middle of jungle,dehydrated and hungry began to wander.He had almost try every possible way out and losing his all hopes,he decided to stay.As he was a village boy,there was no difficulty for him to search for a natural shelter and fruits to erase his hunger.

After a short time he fell asleep in the hollow trunk of his tree,he was having nightmares,mosquito bites and began to hear unusual sounds.He could n’t sleep well and he got up,looked towards sky,stars were shining and moon was still roaming.

Its had been an hours with no sleep then he suddenly heard a roar.The roaring was getting closer and closer. Subu heart started to beat at full pace,he rushed towards a simal tree.He again heard the roar this time it was not much loud but it was a roar with agony.

He had climbed the tree yet and a he could see a dark shadow like image just few feet away.He gazed for a minutes and found out it was tiger.It was flooded in blood. Subu was in dilemma either to help tiger or to protect himself from the beast.After a minute of thinking he decided to help the tiger but he had no idea how to do it.

He approached near the tiger,it was full of fear.It had stared trembling and there was flood of its saliva coming out from its mouth. Subu emotions was not letting him to maintain distance from tiger and he himself was in pain looking at its condition and his fear was long gone.

He then decided to help tiger and move his hand toward its head.Tiger was not much reacting,It was moaning in pain. Subu noticed a gunshot in his left leg and an open wound.The bullet has just pierced its skin and passed. Subu,then started collecting natural herbs to heal that wound and stop bleeding.After a long and tired search,he gather all the herbs and paste those herbs in tiger’s wound.Some sorts of energy was preventing the tiger to attack subu,may be tiger had already figured that subu was trying to heal. Subu idea seemed to workout as the bleeding stopped and tiger felt relief of its pain. Subu was extremely delighted looking at the situation.After a while,he decided to maintain space with the beast and went toward his shelter where he was sleeping lately.And,he fell asleep.

Early morning Footsteps and whispers made Subu awake from his deep sleep.He suddenly thought of tiger might had healed and made its way and he looked toward the place where the tiger was resting.It was not there and Subu felt happy and delighted as he had helped the beast to heal as well saved a life on his own.He climbed down from the trunk and try to check out the place where tiger was lying.

There was no sign of tiger just a pool of blood. Suddenly,a little closure he saw a trail of blood.He followed trails until it reached his village.There were bunch of people at the end of the blood trails who were equipped with guns and knives.He approached and saw the tiger skin bones and flesh separated.One of them,butchering the tiger was Subu’s father.

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