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A noble man with french beard

What is he doing here?
a noble man
With his deep intentions
Searching for existence

His beard doesn’t match geography
where he belong
lonely as he used to be
accompanied by his feelings

dreams and desire of that man
and its irreplaceable
A noble man
With French beard…


Have your ever thought the world without lies?i had imagined many times and i felt very bored because if everything is true or everything will be true,there wont be any cases and places to think,our mind will be paused.Its because when there is lies we people simply don’t believe on the conversation we make,the things we hear and its leads our mind towards thinking.Is it true?,How is it possible?,Is that possible? Sometimes lies saves lives,sometime it makes people successful.
Lies are not bad every-time ,lies are things beyond the past and future?You may have lied too once in a lifetime or many times so your lies might be about the undone things or impossible things.Lies can kill your time and creativity.Lies are sins too with religious point of view.
What kind of lair are you??

A piece of paper

Generally accepted as payment for goods
If you don’t know what the paper is
You are not like others
medium of exchange
and determines your time of living

So you think you know what that paper is
the paper is an illusion
which is full of colors

My wordly possessions

What i have achieved,what i have not

i posses and i do

Will it be enough?

Will i stop here?

No,i will continue to gather

May  be part of expiry  life and

Alexander too conquered  6 feet in his lifetime

As a reward of his lifetime deeds

Its not too late

What i have achieved,what i have not..