Her Sacrifice

She stands unmoved
unmoved by her love
love to her fawns
that’s What mother looks like
like always being ready to sacrifice
Sacrifice for her children and it’s pure
Pure by heart reaching to every man’s soul16708702_370811159971815_5918639177648160936_n

This photo won the award for best photo and led the photographer into depression.

The Cheetahs chased a mother deer and her 2 fawns (baby deers), the mother could’ve easily outrun Cheetahs but instead she offered herself to Cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety.
In the picture she is seen looking at her babies running safely as she is about to get torn into pieces…

I don’t know whether this picture is real or fake but my feelings after looking at this picture is real..


Conversation in Heart of Mandala


Z: The act of experience is the act of knowing both come hand in hand, there cannot be an experience without knowing and there cannot be a knowing without the experience.

A: yes, but what about the vacuum between the knower and the known and particularly the process of knowing, within that sphere it is a constant motion, a constant flow as Heraclitus concluded, ‘Panta Rehi’, everything flows isn’t that a stretch? The question is not what is known, but who knows? Who is it that knows?

Z: (pause) That is the paradox the knower, knowing, known are not different they are one, if you take all of them out like peeling the layer of onion at last you see its empty that doesn’t mean that it has no essence out of essence it is, the very friction of it creates the universe

A: let me quote from Rig Veda, may be that is what you mean to say ‘That One Thing, breathless, breathed by its own nature: apart from it was nothing whatsoever’ if this is the case, why seek? Why even live? Why the whole drama?

Z: The Veda’s are beautiful very orgasmic to read, every word is an ‘AHHHAAA’ moment by the Vedic thought the universe began as the primal desire the primal desire was the primordial seed the whole drama is the drama of germination of growth, decay and death it is regardless of what we think, the drama we think it is, regardless of all that which comes into words we aimlessly worry and are serious about this, why do you care if there is a drama or not? Why do you see? I don’t seek. I have no seeking business. I enjoy this, mundane or divine, whatever it is; I just enjoy it completely and wholeheartedly

A: If you are not seeking, what are you doing?

Z: I am a seeker, it doesn’t mean that I am not a seeker but I am not seeking, the seek is an absolute observance

A: That’s a very cunning, isn’t it?

Z: How can that not be cunning? Cunningness is a precious possession in equanimity. You know it’s a play and you can play ,You know You are in a movie and play , knowing that the movie is just a projection in an infinite screen you break the cycle, you reach the centre of mandala and now you can be truly playful in your realization that is a purified cunningness’ of the self

A: But you still need to think about paying your phone bills, and paying your taxes and what not this will surely not make you in equanimity because this draws you in

Z: It draws the system in, those who identify as the system or a part of it surely will be driven inside it but I don’t belong to any system no system, no lineage, no nothing I go pay my phone bills, because I have a phone the character has a phone, so he does that that doesn’t limit him, if he comes to a point where he cannot afford it he can easily let go of the phone being in equanimity he doesn’t expect at all, he lives in the now, so he can just be .I am not driven into it, but I do enjoy its faculties, it gives a sort of ease when I need to go to a Dentist or read the notes that needs to be read recite poetry, fall in love, observing the whole thing if it is not working, it is not working, I OBSERVE if it is a fight, it is a fight, I OBSERVE there is no pretense with it.



Aadesh Bhattarai

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Riders of the strom

Wheelchair active or passive, balanced or modified, it gives mobility to those individuals who had lost their power of natural mobility.

When i rode wheelchair for the first time in the place, i became quite amaze. Wheelchair looks so mechanical but it’s so comfortable and accessible. Then suddenly a thought raised in my mind and i came to conclude”Wheelchair is not about mobility but it’s about possibility”.

When a differently able person is reinstated with the mobility, they can achieve almost anything. There are endless possibilities and now along with technology advancement researchers has developed modern wheelchairs i.e. standing wheel. This type of standing wheelchair will bring difference on how society  treats differently able people using wheelchairs.

The saddest part is that infrastructure and physical environment are responsible to limit differently able person . Our city needs to adopt disable friendly environment which includes bus station,malls, also the most important disable friendly toilets. For example: Japan is the most friendly country for different able people, which generates maximum potential and encourage differently able person.

likewise, when you promotes disability, your country promotes disability. Thus, let’s make a small social contribution towards wheelchair users on promoting disable friendly environment on our country Nepal.

Digitization Nepal

The world is moving towards digitization.With the advancement in technology, innovation and rapidly growing internet service almost everything is possible from any corner of the world.

If we search about content regarding various topics of Nepal in various search engines, we get fewer Nepalese website with the majority of non-Nepalese website in the list.

However, judging by the pattern in which Nepalese are using the internet, we can see that massive use of the internet is being made (mostly in the form of social media) but are they making any inputs of their knowledge base?

Generally,the use of internet among Nepalese youth is just limited towards using the internet for entertainment and social networking.Not saying that it is bad, but it’s high time that we think about how we can give inputs from our side.

Are they using internet for their purpose or internet is using them as a targeted customer?

The major question here is HOW? Ways any Nepali can give their input is by using different free websites and blogs to share their unique knowledge, experience, views, beliefs and perspectives.For a student, they can upload their academic work, research, and their presentations through various sites.

The only motive is to motivate youths to digitize the knowledge each individual possess, so that the future generations can enjoy or anyone who search the internet knowledge base can use it as a reference guide.

In addition to the commercial use of digital world,educational purpose should also be highlighted by the people who are promoting the use of internet.

The major concern here is to digitize your knowledge base you have as well as the experience you could share, critics you could make and also including the academic knowledge you want to share so that people interested can enjoy and make proper use of your contents.

Bardia – sweetest memory

An insider,a permanent resident of Kathmandu valley and a social work student went on a journey, a flood relief camp on Bardia district,Mohammadpur vdc,Bhaisai(village near Babai river).Our main objective was to collect the data of the loss caused by flood and to know about the community residing in that village

Our camp was situated on the Shree Nepal school and the environment as well as the courtesy of Tharu people was overwhelming.I was always missing one face of my own country Nepal,  beyond the chaos there was a peace.

I saw people living in scarcity but actually the truth was people had been  always satisfied. Far away from the mainstream lifestyle, there was this untouched land  Bhaisai with its unique lifestyle.



You and I

You and i
I and i
You and i
I and only i
Just i
I am you
You aint i
I always i
I with i
I loves i
May be you…..
The compromise cycle between two sex alz continues where i and you are both male and female resp.
Vii kinetics

Tech and addiction

Did you ever raise the question to yourself that how much you are addicted to technology?
Can you start a day without surfing the internet on your mobile phone?

The diplomacy and cunning of company and manufacturer to its customer to sell their products has led towards addictiveness.We can relate customer as an addict, mobile dealers as a drug dealer and manufacturer as producer of the drug.

The idea is not to generalise that smartphone is of no use, it is of great use only if you can use it wisely.

Many of us are not aware of the application that can be used in day-to-day life.Also, we are unable to use it wisely. For instance: how many of us use the reminder, stopwatch, countdown timer, health apps,etc. We barely open those apps.
Nowadays I can see most of the Nepalese building their clan on a clash of the clan or play piano tiles all the time. A couple of years earlier there was an app called angry bird you might be well aware of that app.

The core idea is that motivate you to use the smartphone in the smart way as many of e-entrepreneur has used. Try to come out of the complex whole of application market and try to minimise the use of unproductive applications which consumes both time and energy.

Stop following the fashion of owning the latest gadget and stop wasting money in unproductive tech-gadgets. Technology can be work in both ways as a boon or as a curse.

How many of us are continuously distracted by mobile phone in the daily basis? Can you concentrate on your work when you use the smartphone or your work can’t resume your work without the use of the smartphone?

An American company has developed a plastic shape smartphone structure to replace the sensation of holding a phone.This means now it is unimaginable to spend a day without unlocking your smartphone.

How do you feel when your smartphone is switched off?
You wanted to charge or you will be looking for a source to charge your phone desperately.

Do any of your friend or family member use phones at the time of dinner, social gathering and interaction? Did you ever raise a question when they use it or did u ever argue regarding the issue of the use of the smartphone by your friend, family in gathering or social talk or in a dinner table?
If you want people to be social without the use of social network or any virtual means or without using the smartphone, then you should probably suggest minimising the use  of smartphone to the one who is unaware about the addiction of smartphone.

Let’s not follow the trend and let’s not wait for another iPhone to launch. Let’s use the smartphone in a smart way and let’s prevent you from following the current trend of using the latest smartphone.

Solomon never died

Oh,my mighty lord
He slept at a corner of a cold street
But he never died.

Oh,my humble king
Solomon ate the leftover
But he never died.

Oh,my dear Solomon
You felt the rain, smoke and dirt
But you never died.

The psychology of love

What may be a love?
A compassion or a desire
Why do you love?
There may be motive or may be a spontaneous expression of feeling

Are you attracted?
Or is it in genes?
An ownership of a person
Or an emotional satisfaction.

An individualized love
Or a romantic lust
As a layers of burden
Or a genuine sense of responsiblity
The psychology of love