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Valentine’s Day; Celebration or Sorrow?

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to those who love. I’m among those who have never found Valentine’s Day so fascinating. I believe that one doesn’t need any specific day to tell their significant other how special they are. When you’re in love, everyday is and should be equally special. But since almost everything has a special day to mark them, may be Valentine’s Day is no different. couples-holding-hands-in-the-sunset_494728

I do not mean to say that I am completely against the idea of Valentine’s Day. Love is a very beautiful feeling. If falling in love is a scoop of your favorite ice-cream, the feeling of being loved back by someone you love is a chocolate brownie with it. Seeing two people madly in love makes me very happy. What makes me happiest is when the two loving hearts reach their goal and get married. I wish every early twenties baby-babu’s relationship ends up becoming Mr. & Mrs <insert name>.

It’s so sad when two people who love have to part. Circumstances play their role in parting two people and it’s not fair. You love someone, you share all your dreams, start imagining a future with them, kneel down in front of every statue you have faith in, praying they always remain in your life. But what happens in the end? Those who promised they’d always stay, leave the earliest. Why? Its either pressure from the family, one cheating on the other, lies or some lame misunderstanding that leads to breaking up of the relationship that you treasured for so long. Whatever the reason may be, it leads to a very bad heartbreak. At least one of the two involved ends up being so heartbroken, they fear trusting anyone else again. It’s sad how a person, who once loved their heart out, has no faith in love anymore.

This article is dedicated to all those beautiful souls who’ve had their heart broken once in their life or are going through one at this time. It is a tribute to those who have loved to the fullest at one point of time and now fear commitment.

Today, you’ve seen many people post pictures celebrating this special day with their loved ones. And this must have hurt you, or made you feel bad. But remember, Valentine’s Day is about making the person who loves you the most feel special. Make yourself your Valentine, take yourself on a date. I say this with experience, there is no better feeling than pampering yourself with all the love you’ve once invested on someone else. If you have had the potential to make another person feel so good, you definitely deserve to be pampered back equally. Don’t wait for someone else to come pamper you, do it by yourself. It’s about time; don’t rush into a relationship because all your friends have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Wait for the right person to come, because perfect is just a phoney.

Collect all your shattered pieces and make a beautiful art out of you. Love others unconditionally. But first, love yourself the most. Make yourself a priority, because at the end of the day, you are your longest commitment.



Archana Panthi

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The Art of Speaking

Have you ever been serious,in the sense that each word has a meaning,each sentences clarify something.Do you ever think once before you speak? Do you realize what you speak?

You might be the knowledgeable person or might be a master even though think once before you express.Expression in the form that each word and sentences can exhibit your uniqueness.

Till this time i myself was unaware about the art of speaking.Now, i know how to deliver your message in most reliable way so that other can perceive the information you seems to communicate.

In any sort of relationship,communication is what matters most.Thus i am just putting my ideas which you might be aware of or might not.

First ,the one whom your are communication with is the meaningful person or not,differentiate this firstly.Often,we hear that Listening is powerful than taking so this is a truth.You should be always a good listener,a good listener always gets the new knowledge.Build up the habit of listening.

Second steps will be how you synthesize the information,always try to synthesize your information in positive way.That brings up positivity in your communication and yourself too.A negative person would always thinks negative response towards the information received.

Thirdly,try to bring politeness,being civilized doesn’t cost you anything but builds your personality and information.Try to give truth response even it can change mentality of the person you are communicating with.After all,truth can never be compromised.

I hope this would help the person who had trouble  communicating with other.