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Have you ever wondered, how would it feel to become the prey somebody’s filthy desires? It rather seems trivial to go on a protest or put up a hashtag for someone’s life that has taken a 360 degree turn in a jiffy amount of time. As I ramble  around the city at nights or days when I am by myself I ponder to myself what if a group of men grope on me and I shall not have the mastery to strive back? What if I am RAPED? “Rape” as vicious as it sounds, the consequence of what rape can induce can only and only be felt by those who had to thole it.

I doubt over a thousand times for if my family would stand by me if I ever get in a mishap as that. The vigilance for amount of years to guard the probity of an individual chiefly female, come to naught when one goes through the torment of rape. Will my parents have the courage to proudly own me and help regain my composer? Will the relatives act normal on me? Will I have the motivation to continue living? Or will I ever get a life partner who shall accept me on any circumstances? As I hear or watch anything close to rape, my mind stops to reflect on these questions.

Having the aptitude to give support to the people who go through difficulties as big as rape, have we done enough to desist it? It is as easy as breathing to talk of how the incident has wrecked the lives of those who have had to undergo the hardship. As someone who wants or at least thinks o progress of the mankind, we would like to believe that the world is ready to accept and alter the vile into proficient. But to our own assent, we cannot even guarantee the sustenance from our own family. It is a matter of piteous that the world has yet to ascertain the prominent portrayal of benevolence.



Shristi Nakarmi

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