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Suna Saili- Hemanta Rana(Song Review)

The official music video for ‘Suna Saili’, a song by Hemanta Rana is finally out. I had been desperately waiting for the video to release because I, like hundreds of thousands of Nepalese can completely relate to this song. I must say a lot of effort has been put in making this video, by the director, the actors and the entire production team. As a result, the music video for the most admired song lately has come out to be a masterpiece, completely justifying the lyrics.

It’s been 7 years now, since my daddy went to Europe. I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it was for me, as my daddy’s youngest, most pampered child to adjust with the change back then. I’ve always been very excited about my birthdays. But may be that was the only year I did not feel like celebrating it at all for it had only been two months since Daddy had gone to Amsterdam.

The first few weeks, I just wished he didn’t call. I could never hold my tears; I’d break down as soon as I heard him say ‘Chhori’. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for mummy to pretend being strong in front of us.

It makes me very sad to see how at least one member from almost every family in Nepal is flying abroad today. May it be to study, to work or to settle there. It’s sad how so few families reunite during festivals, how at least one member of the family is compelled to witness a very important family function via social media. It’s sad how people are so busy creating a living abroad, they do not get to see their parents live the last moments of their lives. Meeting with their children before they die remains like the only wish to old parents. What’s even sader is how a mother sends her son abroad with a  heavy heart and while she’s expecting him to come back to her soon, what comes to her is the dead body, a dead segment of her heart.

After daddy’s flight, I’d see mom lock herself in a room and sob. I used to have my elder brother here to console her back then. But not even a single year had passed since Daddy left for Amsterdam, my brother went to London to pursue his studies. Mummy didn’t even have her eyes dried when, again, she found a reason to cry. I have had enough of seeing her break down into tears. It’s me who my mom is most attached with at this point of time, and I know; the thought itself, of having to let me go, makes her sad, very sad. I wouldn’t want to be the reason behind another heartbreak my momma goes through.

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